Suit Up


Ok let´s be creative and ignore certain „rules“ and create your own personal, unique style…!

If you are going out to a party or off to work and you would love to suit up but you don´t want to be overdressed?! Be unexpected, rock the suit and refresh the look with some kicks!

Even you are creating a high / low style, not just any sneakers fit with suits. Don´t go too „low“. Pick a classic kick like the Adidas Stan Smith, Vans Old Skool (like I did), Vans Plimsolls or any other sleek designed sneaker.

Since we already broke up the basic rules of suiting up with a high / low combo, why not go a little bit further with testing the limits and going in color. My pick for the night is a wonderful purple velvet suit from Guess in combination with a white bottom up shirt from Brunello Cucinelli and a pair of suede grey Old Skool sneakers from Vans.


A really dapper suit in its velvet and fine detailed pattern, which can be worn very formal as well. However I dialed down the former suit with a simple plain unbuttoned shirt, no socks and nothing else but the sneakers. Didn´t do too much, even tough I love accessories like ties, bow ties, pocket squares etc. didn´t want to over do the outfit. Sockless in a suit, thats shocking for the loose fit suit generation from back in the days. If you are comfortable with the attention you attract, go for it!

Wearing: Guess suit, Brunello Cucinelli shirt, Emporio Armani watch and Vans Old Skool sneakers.