The Aviator Style

Welcome on board, fasten your seatbelt – we are ready for takeoff.


The Aviator Style combines a full on wool sweater with a kitted optic and a brown leather jacket with an amazing sheep styled interior. People call it a shearling coat or sometimes sheepskin. Pilots used to wear the shearling for aircrafts without a cockpit cover.


With leather on the outside and wool on the inside, this jacket is a luxurious mash-up for your outfit.

Rocking this cool jacket made me feel like I was actually a pilot. Leaving the Hotel lobby at the Ink48 Hotel in New York City, getting escorted out the door by the doormen saying: „Good day mister Aviator“, made my day 😎

Clothes make the man and let you feel special, especially wearing an amazing comfy jacket like this one!

Good shearling jackets aren´t that cheap, but it’s an investment you’ll carry with you for a lifetime, it will age better with time to become an unique piece, as it will never go out of style no matter if it is in brown, gray, navy or black.


How to wear and combine your Shearling

I wear the American Vintage bomber jacket in „EBONY“ brown, combined it for the photoshoot with an additional eye catching wool sweater from American Vintage, which might be a little bit too much for an „every day“ outfit. Bulvan Sun shades from no other brand like MOSCOT NYC.

Let the jacket do the talking and combine this piece with something a little bit more casual. Something toned down like a sleek thin sweater or simple T-shirt. For the bottom pick either modest kicks or dress it a little bit up and go high class with sharp looking monk strap.