Pitti Uomo 93

I have been to a lot of different fashion events like fairs, shows, presentations etc. through my modeling and blogger career, but this was a great first experience to Pitti Uomo in the beautiful town of Firenze, Italy.

The Pitti Uomo is THE international menswear trade show located in the fabulous Italian city of Florence. During the Pitti Uomo the streets in Florence are literally flooded with inspiration. People from all around the world dress in their own styles combining several different colors and textures on their various pieces making them very dappers and sleek. These styles are a huge part of what makes the Pitti show so special. I personally love to dress up and combine design styles the others aren’t wearing. Fashion is a huge free world of creativity and self expression where everyone is their own master without limits. Although I personally find everyone’s style impressive, it does not mean that I always like it, but who am I to judge someone else´s master choice…

These Pitti „Peacocks“, as they are called, go all out to achieve the attention of the photographers to get spotted. It is extremely interesting to watch how everyone is trying to be the most outstanding, posing around one spot like „chickens on the rod“ how I would call it in German, without even taking part at the fair and it´s great booths and attractions. But hey, if thats what the master decides to do…

What makes Pitti Uomo experience so popular is the amazing show and the huge number of exhibitors and attendees (over 36K) showing all the trends of the next season.

Pitti’s variety of fair, shows, presentations, events, and after party´s set the perfect scenario in the absolutely stunning city of Firenze.

Everything we see here will be in the shops all over the world next season. The Pitti sets the start of new trends with it’s early timing at beginning of each new year.

Concept Korea Show © @dpersy

Magliano Show © @dpersy

Undercover / TAKAHIROMIYASHITA-TheSoloist Show © @dpersy

Les Benjamins Show © @dpersy

I saw a large amount of functional textiles pimping the styles into various sporty outfits. For example Belstaff published it´s ORIGINS AUTUMN WINTER 18 collection which is designed for MOVEMENT – extremely light materials with a two-way stretch nylon, waterproof with waterproof zips, and is windproof but also breathable. The focus here is a full mobility, high-performance and comfort for active conditions.


Lots of brands using check patterns in their new lines. Overall, the styles will become wider again especially the pants which sit looser with space on their legs as you can see in the pictures of the suits I am wearing…

Attending the Pitti Uomo has been a fabulous experience and I look forward to returning to Firenze for the next show this coming summer.

Arrivederci Firenze e alla prossima!!!

I am wearing a Suitsupply Suit: LAZIO LIGHT GREY 3-piece STRIPE, Vans Old Skool shoes, Brunello Cucinelli white shirt, Happy Socks black dotted socks and a Hugo Boss paisley tie.

I am wearing a Suitsupply blue coat, Paul Smith blue suit, Superga Sport shoes special Ivan Lendl edition, Zara light blue shirt with a blue tie, Happy Socks colored dotted socks, Hugo Boss watch and a Louis Vuitton business bag.