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Kia Stinger

KIA Stinger on CIRCUIT LLUCMAJOR, Majorca by Dirk Schaper. Outfit: Vans Old Skool shoes, Zara jeans, American Vintage buttom up, Emporio Armani watch and Fendi shades.

KIA goes athletic!

KIA has entered a new era with the Stinger, which shows off how cool, modern, and young the brand can be.

I was honored to come to the beautiful island of Majorca in Spain to test the brand-new KIA Stinger GT, which captured all eyes and captivated everyone at the IAA Motorshow in Frankfurt this September.

When I was first asked to come, I was hesitant. I am more of a fan of German cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Porsche. However, what attracted me to test the car was Kia’s collaboration with Paul van Dyk. When Paul van Dyk, the world-renowned electronic dance music star, promotes a car, that car has got to have something outstanding. This made me curious to find out more about this Stinger.


Kia Stinger Paul van Dyk © Kia MotorsKia Stinger Paul van Dyk © Kia Motors

Paul van Dyk KIA Mallorca © Dirk Schaper

Paul van Dyk KIA Mallorca © Dirk Schaper

After I arrived in Palma de Majorca, I was picked up by KIA. They drove me to the racetrack, which was loaded with tons of Stingers in every color. After a short welcome snack, I could not wait to start driving.

I started driving the Stinger on the CIRCUIT LLUCMAJOR which is a 3.2 km-long track with 5 left- and 8 right-handers. Even with the all-wheel drive, it is possible to experience a real drifting session with the Stinger. After the amazing driving experience through these curves, I explored the island and experienced the beautiful Majorcan flair.

The GT limousine with its coupe-like shape, is an eye-catching car which caught a lot of attention while driving through the island. The Stinger comes with a 3.3-liter twin-turbo charged V6 engine with 370hp and 510 Nm, all-wheel drive, and an 8-speed automatic transmission with 5 drive modes. It is listed as 4.9 seconds 0-100 km/h and a Vmax up to 270 km/h.

The 4.9 second 0-100 km/h test result was achieved only with using launch control. Launch control is only possible in driving mode “Sport+,” because only in “Sport+,” it is possible to deactivate the electronic stabilization program (ESP). To do so, hold the ESP button until the deactivated ESP info appears in the display. Next, hit the pedal to the metal, placing the left foot on the brake, and the right foot on the gas. Finally, punch the speed up to 2250 U/min and take the left foot off the brake. It´s an amazing experience and the settings are faster to handle compared to other brands like Mercedes or BMW, which require a few more steps before you can start launching.

The drive modes include Eco, Sport, Sport+, Comfort and Smart, which control the response characteristic of the steering and the 8-speed automatic transmission with shift pedals. The Stinger has an original Brembo braking system. These brakes are covered by 19 inch wheels.


KIA Stinger Mallorca © Dominik PersyKIA Stinger Mallorca © Dominik Persy

KIA Stinger at Park Hyatt Mallorca © Dominik Persy

“Sleek,” and “sophisticated,” (as Kia calls it), is definitely the correct way to describe the inside. “Aircraft-style spoked vents, metal-ringed gauges, and satin chrome trim” decorate the interior of the Stinger. The GT I tested came with an 8“ touchscreen with Apple and Android mirroring, an electric tailgate, adaptive suspension, LED lights, Brembo brakes, heated and cooled seats, plus a heated steering wheel and adaptive cruise control with lane assist… it is absolutely loaded!

Since Kia cooperated with the legend himself, Paul van Dyk, I was able to hear his new sounds with incredible enjoyment to my ears through the Harman Kardon sound system, which is also placed in the Stinger.


Paul van Dyk KIA Mallorca © Dirk Schaper

Paul van Dyk KIA Mallorca © Dirk Schaper

Not only does the Stinger have awesome performance on the racetrack, but it is also a great everyday car to take to work or run errands in. I drove around about 100 km on the freeway, some highways, as well as small country roads. I hit the pedal wherever it was possible, and reached an average mileage of 14.8 l/100 km which is definitely good for the way I challenged the car. It makes for a good cruiser, too. Because the suspension isn’t too firm, the Stinger GT is comfortable enough to drive on long, lazy journeys.

Since I am such a car enthusiast and have an affinity for horse power and powerful cars, KIA was able to get me really excited about the new model and its driving experience. I am totally impressed with this full-on new direction and the big statement made by the Stinger!

Kia Stinger 3.3 T-GDI V6

3,3-Liter-V6 Twin-Turbo charged

272 kW (370hp) with 6000 U/min and 510 Nm at 1300 to 4500 U/min

Weight: 1972 kilogram

0-100 km/h in 4,9 s

Price starts at 54.900 Euro

KIA Stinger Mallorca © Dominik Persy

KIA Stinger Mallorca © Dominik Persy