GoPro Hero6 Test


Finally the Hero 6 is here! Following Apple´s move in producing a new product which looks exactly the same like the one before…

Well it is an action cam so I care more about new features than a new design as well is the „old“ Hero 5 design pretty sleek. Speaking about the Hero 5, which keeps it´s price at 389,99€ (Germany). The newly introduced GoPro, the Hero6 Black, starts at 549,00€ (Germany).

Let´s focus facts! GoPro Hero6 Black brings an absolutely amazing image quality with UHD (4K) at 60 frames per second (fps), 2.7K at 120 fps and in addition the FHD (1080p) comes with a slow motion option with 240 fps which is the perfect mode for every movement you would like to catch. The improved dynamics capture a good low-light performance, an optimized image stabilizer which is apparently not available when you film in UHD/60p or FHD/240p, such a pity. You can not even use the stabilizer in the top modes, it is an absolutely amazing feature. This hand held camera makes it look like you are filming with an gimbal. Thumbs up for that GoPro!

The Hero6 is loaded with a new voice command and faster WLAN which makes it to 5GHz, 3 times faster than before, a touch-to-zoom function that allows users to smoothly change the field of view while recording, so it´s like using a zoom lens on a camcorder.

All this comes in a 116g heavy camera with a sharp 2-inch touchscreen, which is waterproof without a case up to 10m. The GoPro Hero6 Black runs the h.265/HEVC-Codec with the new own GoPro processor GP1, which has a 30% higher processor performance, which endures twice as much image set with a consistent data rate.

All these amazing features need a lot of power. A full battery lasts 69 minutes under filming in UHD/60p.  A full charge takes 94 minutes via the USB-C port.

The GoPro Hero6 Black looks identical to the Hero5 Black but is definitely an updated version on steroids! Who ever is willing to pay the price of 549,00€, is getting the currently best action cam on the market.

Once you have made the investment, you will be ready to get the most out of your new GoPro Hero6.

The perfect Vlogger Set for the GoPro Hero6 Black

I pimped the cam of course with a SD card for the data (no data integrated). Take minimum a 64GB version, since the footage in high quality takes it space (SanDisk Extreme® 64 GB microSDXC cheapest I found is on Amazon for 39,99€), the GoPro Pro microphone adapter which is way overpriced with 65,99€ for a „simple“ adapter but needed for the use of a professional microphone…

The microphone Rode VMMICRO VideoMicro with it´s high RODE quality for 55,00€ is less than the adapter which is very ironic. You can also add a GoPro Shorty pole grab-and-go mini extension pole and tripod for 39,99€, an ideal addition for all your on-the-go activities.

Last but not least you will fix your new micro for amazing sound records with a proper mounting. I choose the LeaningTech aluminum metal case with a 52mm UV filter for 19,99€.

All together almost 800€ which sounds crazy for „just“ a GoPro, but face it, you are transforming the newest high tech action camera into THE VLOGGER CAM, which is very light compared to a SLR or other digital camera set you are vlogging with. Bringing yourself an absolutely amazing picture result with it´s new stabilization.