Emporio Armani Connected Smartwatch

I am totally into technology. Every single time there is a new invention, a newer model or just an updated version of a technology product, I am curious to see it and find out about new features and maybe even buy it. It’s been different with smart watches. When Apple first brought out the Apple Watch I was not really excited. The features are cool and helpful, and the design is great but very sportive. Too sportive for me to wear it on a normal working day or even as business casual. While I workout I don’t need a monitoring service on me since the best workout mode is total focus!


Fashion meets technology! Smartwatches have been around a while but now there is a new generation of smartwatches, the fashionista smart watch with an incredibly nice style.
The Emporio Armani Connected Watch looks absolutely elegant, smart and innovative. When I first saw the design I was really excited! Finally a combination of a chic, classy looking stainless steel case with smart features.
It is an Android Wear 2.0 – but apparently the technology is not really 2.0 because the features like a GPS sensor for independent location tracking, a navigation or a barometer feature and pulse sensor for sports are missing. The watch always has to be connected to a phone since there is no separate mobile module for an independent internet connection. It does have a light sensor for automatic brightness control and an acceleration sensor that counts steps and reacts to arm movements that are installed. 4 gigabytes of storage space are available. The housing is IP67 protected against water and dust, but not suitable for swimming. The inside is fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100.
You can control the smartwatch via a touchscreen keyboard. Alternatively, it also has voice input into the microphone or the Google Assistant, which turns on by pushing the middle button. Via that middle button you can also get to the app menu, which is displayed in a clear list form. The two additional buttons on the top and bottom can be assigned by the user with an app of their choice. According to Armani, the battery lasts one day – but I experienced a shorter life span. I found the cheapest prize of 399€ on Amazon.
I personally find the design absolutely stunning, no surprise from a watch coming out of the house of fashion designer Armani. The EA Connected is a daily companion for the modern man. The classy stainless steel case can be combined with a variety of different clock-faces. Each watch can also be modified with a selection of different colors for various components such as the watch hand, background or even the Armani branding.
I love the design and the combination of fashion and technology! It is an eye-catching piece which I like wearing. People recognize the watch and often ask me what brand it is. The technology is definitely on its way and is becoming more and more sophisticated.

Wearing: Emporio Armani smart watch, navy blue American Vintage pants, Eduard Dressler navy blue quilt bomber jacket and a white Zara shirt.

EA Connected Touchscreen 5000

Price: 399€ on Amazon

Measurements: 4,6×4,6×1,2 cm

Weight: 169 g

Displaysize: 3,53 cm / 1,39“

Display: AMOLED

Resolution: 454×454 Pixel

Protection class: IP67

Memory: 4 Gigabyte

System: Android Wear 2.0

Connectivity: WLAN, Bluetooth


Pictures & edits © Felix Franz @felixfr98