Pitti Uomo 93

I have been to a lot of different fashion events like fairs, shows, presentations etc. through my modeling and blogger career, but this was a great first experience to Pitti Uomo in the beautiful town of Firenze, Italy.

The Military Coat

The ‘military’ coat is one of the most popular jacket styles, and one of my favorite styles, this winter. This classy coat has great detailed accessories making it easy to pimp-it-up to a real dandy piece of clothing every gentleman needs this season....

Shearling Coat

The Aviator Style combines a full on wool sweater with a kitted optic and a brown leather jacket with an amazing sheep styled interior. People call it a shearling coat or sometimes sheepskin. Pilots used to wear the shearling for aircrafts without a cockpit cover.

Casual Autumn Look

The Casual Autumn Look Winter mode is on. After we have passed Oktoberfest, it is time to dress cosy and warm. The German weather in fall and winter is cold, wet and trist, so get out your coats and sweaters. The right coat is an outfit in itself, a practical and...

Suit Up

Ok let´s be creative and ignore certain „rules“ and create your own personal, unique style…! If you are going out to a party or off to work and you would love to suit up but you don´t want to be overdressed?! Be unexpected, rock the suit and refresh the look with some kicks!

The Airport Style

The Airport Style Hello from the airport in Frankfurt! Since I will be sitting for over 6 hours on an airplane on my trip to New York, I thought I’d throw up my travel style post for ya’ll. I personally like the changing of the seasons a lot, since I can up value my...