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Bénazet Vodka is a 2015 created Vodka from Germany Baden Baden and is made out of basic products like French winter wheat and German spring water.

The Bénazet Vodka comes in a white opaque bottle. The bottle´s ceramic look is very striking due to it´s modern, radiant design. In addition to the standard white label, the Benazet is also available in violet as well as a limited black edition.

We shot photos of the bottle at a private beach club between Nice and Cannes (France). During the shooting the Vodka provided great interest. We attracted the bartender´s attention so much that he immediately used the Benazet vodka to mix a cocktail.

BÉNAZET VODKA says about their own brand that it “combines timeless elegance with a completed soft taste. Clear and fresh, with an elegant aroma and a long pleasant finish. BÉNAZET VODKA is a tribute to two outstanding visionaries with daring, who were also patrons with great creative power: Jacques and Édouard Bénazet.“


Benazet Vodka Dominik Persy

Bénazet Vodka © Dominik Persy

I am not a big drinker but this vodka definitely belongs in the category of a high premium segment. It drinks like water, with it´s very gentle and fine taste as well as a very neutral, mild fragrance.

The high-quality and modern bottle design as well as the content, a mixture of the two countries France and Germany, enjoy rarity with large combustion and spirits history.

The Bénazet Vodka is available in the following variants:

  • Bénazet Blanc Vodka 0.7L (37.5% vol) (White)
  • Bénazet Unfiltered Vodka 0.7L (40% vol) (Violet)
  • Bénazet Noir Vodka – 0.7L (40% vol) (Black)


If you are a vodka lover you should definitely expand your collection and add a bottle to your collection. The Blanc Edition is available from 39.90 € which is perfectly fair for the quality. Stay tuned and pay attention to upcoming international events where you can get to know Bénazet!

Bénazet Vodka © Dominik Persy

„The Bénazets once brought the world to Baden-Baden. Now BÉNAZET VODKA brings Baden-Baden to the world.“