The Airport Style

Hello from the airport in Frankfurt! Since I will be sitting for over 6 hours on an airplane on my trip to New York, I thought I’d throw up my travel style post for ya’ll. I personally like the changing of the seasons a lot, since I can up value my whole wardrobe with a lot of different combinations to get a new look every single day…more sporty, more sleek, more casual, more whatever just something different every day. Who doesn’t like to wear new stuff?! What’s the point of wearing a suit or a special clothing piece every single day? It gets old and boring. So pimp it up a little to experience the „new style“ feeling every day.

New York City is always a great choice. Since I used to live there it is alway nice to go back. The whole city is like a giant movie set with tons of different photo locations with amazing atmosphere.

Due to the fact that fall has arrived, I brought a bunch of coats, leather jackets etc.  but the weather in NYC was still as sunny as if it was summer. We shot lots of outfits anyway. You will find them all on my fashion blog (link).

I always travel with a lot of luggage 😅 two carryons and 1,2,3…. suitcases

Love the Louis Vuitton weekender, it offers a lot of space, looks amazing (especially the masculine darker version „Keepall Waterproof“) and pimps up your style whichever direction you are headed. One of the main reason I am traveling with a trolley as well is the case that the Louis weekender is just not practical at all. Lots of space = lots of things = very heavy. Airports always have long distances to walk so you´ll want to roll and not carry your luggage around.

Put away your summer wear, it is time for jackets! This Guess coat is the perfect combination of a stylish chic and casual piece, combined with a patterned classic Zara shirt and navy blue American Vintage pants it´s becomes business casual. Break it all up with the Adidas Original Stan Smith sneaker and the result is the perfect middle line between dressed up and dressed down. It´s a sneaker but formal enough to rock it with a business wardrobe as I do here, or even in a suit with rolled up legs. Fendi shades on and ready to roll.

Wearing: A grey Guess coat, Zara button up, American Vintage FIXERVILLE pants in navy blue, Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers, Fendi shades, Louis Vuitton Waterproof Keepall 55 and a Rimowa Topas Cabin trolley.